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is located by Lake Jamno, about 300 meters from the beautiful, wide beach and the Fishing Port in Unieście, as well as a 15-minute walk from the Promenade in Mielno. In our neighborhood there are numerous dining outlets, cafes, a market, water equipment rentals and many attractions for children. Just a dozen or so meters from our facility there is a marina from which you can sail the JULEK hybrid ship every day on a cruise on Lake Jamno.

We cordially invite you for a comfortable holiday with your family in a wonderful seaside climate in a nice and peaceful atmosphere.


cordially invites you to a comfortable holiday with your family in
wonderful seaside climate nice and quiet atmosphere


Mielno is one of the most popular leisure and recreation complexes on the Baltic Sea. It offers beautiful, sandy beaches, you can admire the views while walking along the Friendship Promenade, and right next to the main descent to the beach you will find the Monument of WALF, a symbol of the annual international rally of sea bathing enthusiasts, which attracts crowds to our city.

Rest and relaxation will be found in Mielno both by fans of water sports as well as enthusiasts of cycling, walking and fishing

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Lake Jamno

it is a former sea bay separated from the sea today by a spit. The lake is connected to the sea by the Jamneński Canal. There are marinas and water equipment rentals by the lake.

Friendship Promenade

From the promenade there is a picturesque view of the sea and the city. Walkers admiring the beautiful landscapes can rest on the benches or take advantage of the offer of numerous gastronomic points located along the promenade. The promenade is 3 kilometers long and connects Mielno with Unieście.

Fishing Port in Unieście

Tourists have the opportunity to buy freshly caught as well as freshly smoked fish.

Lighthouse in Gąski

was built at the end of the 19th century, reaches a height of 50.2 meters, and is open to the public.

Bike trails

The nearby bicycle trails will allow vacationers to visit the coastal areas and interesting monuments.

RED COASTAL TRAIL: (length – 45 km)

  • Route: Pleśna – Gąski Lantern – Sarbinowo – Mielno – Strzeżenica – Dobiesławiec – Mścice – Jamno – Łabusz – Osieki – Iwęcino – Bielkowo
  • The trail runs along the Baltic coast. It is part of the International Seaside Cycling Route R-10 with a total length of 91.2 km. There are many monuments and natural monuments along the route.


A forest loop of adventures and secrets

An educational and natural path that leads through dunes, settlements and bunkers. The biggest attractions are giant figures of cones, a footbridge connecting two fortified settlements, and an observation deck.

Hortulus Labyrinth and Gardens

The Hortulus Gardens are located in Dobrzyca near the Kołobrzeg-Koszalin route.

There are 28 different gardens to explore
themed. In total, there are over 6,000 species and varieties of plants.

The price list and opening hours can be found at www.hortulus.com.pl


Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg and Cruises on the Baltic Sea

The 26-meter-high lighthouse is open to tourists all year round and is part of the Lighthouse Trail.

Cruises on the Baltic Sea are organized throughout the year. Not only in the season, you can go to the sea with the whole family and enjoy the healthy climate, air full of iodine and an extraordinary adventure for children and adults.

More information can be found on the website  www.tampoland.pl